A Higher Quality Of Life With Our Wholistic Approach To Your Oral Care

biological dental clinic

At Junction Family Dental in Toronto, our perspective on oral care includes the view of the mouth in relation to the whole body and all health-related factors that affect our patients’ bodies in their entirety. We are a Toronto biological dental clinic focused on the holistic approach to oral care. This means it is important for our dental staff to work synergistically with our patients to identify certain factors such as genetic conditions, lifestyle choices, sleep patterns, daily stress levels, health history (including family health history), and all other elements contributing to the quality of each individual’s oral health. 

The benefit of discussing these factors with each patient allows our biological dental team the ability to communicate solutions, which greatly benefit each individual according to their personalized evaluation done at our clinic. By following our recommendations, our patients are guided towards healthier lifestyle choices that will not only create the best outcome towards their oral health but towards an overall higher quality of life! 

Our holistic methodology towards oral health puts a strong emphasis on improving sleep quality, incorporating healthy habits/ eliminating poor lifestyle habits, introducing healthier diet alternatives, and daily exercise. Patients benefit greatly through creating resilient immune systems, taking them far in all areas of their life with Junction Family Dental’s recommended solutions. 

Through personalized holistic dental care, Junction Family Dental is different from a traditional dental clinic. Here, each individual patient is extensively researched prior to their treatment according to the factors that have been mentioned above. This means that according to your needs, a uniquely tailored oral care plan will be configured precisely to your personalized evaluation.

Our biological dental clinic goes beyond discussing your health and lifestyle factors by also using a free microscope analysis for all new patients to investigate deep into each patient’s individual bacteria present in their mouth. We are truly able to understand what is happening beyond what the eyes can see. This is another powerful tool that differs the holistic dental approach from the traditional. After combining results from several health analyses for each patient, the proper dental treatments will be initiated depending on what will benefit them the most.

Stay tuned for more discussions on the differences the holistic dental approach can mean for you! Book your appointment now with Junction Family Dental in Toronto and experience our wholistic dentistry first-hand. We’re excited to have you!

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